Mamogram Tech From Hell

Inept Techs doing mamograms should be illegal. Sure,students have to learn but not at our expense. She should have been supervised. Hindsight tells me I should have walked out.But the ‘what if’s’ kept me there and the left one had been done already.The ‘ediot’ forgot the nipple thingy so she had to repeat the left breast. I allowed her to continue and she was so impatient and disrespectful as she kept telling me I wasn’t standing right and wasn’t close enough. Well, I was close enough for her to pinch my left breast while the right one was in this vise.
I simmered for a few days and called the radiology report her. She told me that all the employees are experienced. I explained to her what happened,date,day, time, description of the young woman. She told me that they had Techs that day. I told her that she should be reprimanded. As I think back, I should talk to someone in a higher postion about this. This should not be allowed without supervision. It’s bad enough with an experienced person. So ladies,before you have this done ask if the person is qualified. I am blessed ’cause I received a letter saying it was normal. I’m most grateful for this. God bless you, my friends, S