Talking about Chiari Son

Andy told me that Brian has been diagnosed with having migraine headaches, so now we’re wondering if he has Chiari. Brian ,for you new friends, is the new daddy of Jade Skye C and newborn Casper Cloud C. Besides these two blessings, Brian survived a drowning in his teen years. He and his older brother,Shawn were swimming and Brian’s foot slipped off the place he was standing. Shawn,alone couldn’t rescue him.

The blessing was that, there were some Paramedics swimming too, as they often do.They rescued him and got an ambulance to the scene and was met by a helicopter to be flown to a nearby hospital. The Doctors told the family that he would be ok but he may have brain damage. I don’t remember at this time how long he was under water. He did graduate highschool and from all appearances he seems fine. Andy says he is slow,but to what extent I don’t know. I’m not around him as much as they are. Even though the Paramedics swim there often, God’s hand was in this rescue. I give HIM the credit for placing the Paramedics there at that time and saving Brian’s life. God does work in mysterious ways and HE’s so good. Bless you all my friends, Sidney


Chiari Son

There’s nothing new to report about Andy’s condition. He has good days and bad days. When he’s feeling well enough he goes on the road with his dad who drives an 18 wheeler. He wears a foam pillow around his neck to keep it steady. When he’s tired he lies down in the truck. Someone has to ride with his dad because of his heart. and keep him awake.. So Andy’s brother David rides with him  when Andy can’t . Both sons are mechanics and keep the truck going if they have a problem on the road, unless it’s something big.    Oh I can report something happy. Andy has a new grandson. His name is CASPER CLOUD C. he was an 8 lb. 5 or 6 oz. His big sister’s name is JADE SKYE C.
Well tonight I figured it was about time for some soul food, so I got cabbage from my sister, I cooked great northern beans, boiled potatoes in the jacket and baked crusty cornbread, had little green onions to boot. I don’t know how yall cook cabbage, but I add sugar and apple cider vinegar, w/o measuring , also Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Speaking of olive oil. It’s about time for my homemade tea cakes, which I use olive oil and I add my own stuff, raisin, coconut, cranberries,blueberries, cherries, oatmeal. I may even put prunes in this time. I’d cut them small. I’ll let yall know how they turn out. My friends, thank you all for visiting as I appreciate all of you. And I do appreciate your prayers for my son. God Bless you all, Sidney