My Three Sons

My oldest son David Jr, has the trucking bug and wants to go to trucking school. He and Judy enjoy traveling and this would be good for them, especially for David. He is so easily stressed (PTSD)and the open road is a big help.He has never had a seizure anywhere except at home and one time at Andy’s, when Andy was so upset when he discovered that Shawn had been smoking pot. He really lost his cool and David Jr was so worried that Andy was going to have a heart attack that he fell on the ground in a seizure and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. This occurred a few years back and I lived 40 miles away at the time. So, my concern is, if he meets a stressful situation on the road like snow and ice. Mother thinks he should just be content to ride with Daddy David. David Jr is the Granddaddy of Autumn Rose and she’s expecting a brother in the spring who will be named David 4th. Great Granny !! they keep on coming! Well, I’d rather be a Great- Granny than dead. lol

Alan, my youngest son,has been diagnosed with a high BP. Doctor said he could’ve had a stroke, but Thank God, it was caught in time. So now several years later Alan tells me that he had a light stroke or heart attack which he kept from me. This temporarily affected his mouth and speech. Andy said he needs to be checked for Chiari because when his (Andy)BP is very elevated his speech is slurred. Alan and family live in TN and he has always kept things from me so I won’t worry. Alan has always had the migraines too like his brothers and my sister. He got a late start on his family and I will try to post the pictures of Kellen, Kendra and Devon C.

Andy’s Doctor told him yesterday no more road trips with his daddy. Always before he could brace himself if there was a bad place in the road to protect his neck. On the last trip he was surprised and had one side paralyzed temporarily from the jolt. His neurologist told him yesterday it might be worse next time. So, I guess David’s present wife (Pop, nickname)will have to hit the road if our sons can’t go.

It’s almost Thanksgiving time again. Last year David Jr and Judy had a family dinner at their house with both families invited. David wanted both his parents there and he asked if we had a problem being there together. I and Pop sat next to each other. Years ago when Andy was hospitalized, Pop was expecting twin Grandchildren. She asked me is I’d like to go visit Brad, expectant daddy, and he was glad to see me and hugged me. He being a step brother had visited in my home. I think he was glad to see me and his mother friendly after so many years. You all can read between the lines here. Bottom line, I’m so glad she has him and I don’t. I’ve been widowed twice since then and I’m quite content,just waiting for Christ’s return in the clouds.

Years ago, Daddy David had surgery, and still in the hospital on Andy and Sheila’s wedding day, and JJ and I visited him in the hospital. JJ didn’t want to visit, but I persuaded him to go in. I said "She’ll give him ****. LOL  It pleased Andy that we visited his Daddy. Well what can I say, my life has been like my favorite daytime soap,"As The World Turns"……