Not Paying Attention

Not paying attention, not good idea, when dialing an 800 #. I had a dead battery in my new Honda and I thought I was dialing my Ins. I was really stressing not knowing the map light was on by accident. This happened when I was putting the folding shade in the window, evidently. The wrecker man told me the light was on. As I was dialing , I dialed a sex phone line instead. I was so shocked, not realizing it was a recording and thinking ‘Ins.#’ was changed, I said," Who the blazes are you"? (nice version).I hung up quickly while ‘IT’ was still talking. I thought how awful to now have my # in this filthy phonebook, but thank goodness the text service is blocked on my phone. My sister had no idea what was happening and she said check the dialed #. Lesson learned here when dialing on this very small cell phone. At least, I know the alarm really works as the car screamed when ‘wrecker man’ attached the charger to the battery.