Thunder Storms Way Down Here

Jeanne and I went to Walmart and got the Thanksgiving pictures developed finally and I’m not a photographer so I’m not real pleased with them.It’s a stormy tonight so I’ll wait until tomorrow to post them.We brought our groceries home and I left mine in the floor except for frozen stuff, ’cause I wanted to go to Big Lot’s before the storm really set in.I told Kassey I had to go back to town and she was upset with me.This cat isn’t subtle in her body language.Her fur ruffles when I talk to her, when she’s upset with me.I gave her some of her favorite ice cream(butter pecan w/o nuts),but that didn’t fix it.She kept meowing about something and finally after checking litter box, seemed ok. So I told her to show me what she needed and I followed her to my bathroom.After my shower, instead of putting my dress in the washing machine, I left it in the floor. She went to my dress and started rubbing on it.Well, this was a broad hint for me to stay home with her, but I wanted to go to Big Lot’s to buy a hot air popcorn popper, which I didn’t find.I started thisa blog last night but it was really bad so I turned off the PC. Have a blessed you all, A