Snow Showers and Senior Moments

Yesterday evening,we finally got some snow showers, lovely to see. It was mixed with rain and sleet. Today (12th)I had a DR.’s appoinment in my hometown which I didn’t keep after talking to the receptionist. She said the streets were really slick and someone had to bring her to work in a truck. She said she drives a Honda too. I was already on my way when I called the office and I was able to get another appointment, just blood work and check-up.
Before starting to the DR.s, I stopped for gas and after I turned off the engine,I couldn’t unlock the door from the inside.So I put the key back in the switch and was gonna turn it and the alarm went off.I thought it was never gonna shut up. The attendant came out and I rolled down the window and told him I couldn’t unlock the car.I turned the key and it quit.After this, a senior moment really kicked in…funny now…I went inside and told the man that the pump wasn’t on and he said that the pump was on and I just needed to press the button for the gas I wanted.I always knew this, of course. lol. Anyways when I went in I just handed him my credit card,’cause the printer outside doesn’t work anyways.After all this I didn’t want him to think I might just drive off. Come to think of it, I think he kinda looked at me funny.Eye-rolling
I found the corn popper I thought I wanted at CVS.It is like a juke box and got that classic look, but it’s plastic, yuk. I didn’t check it out good first, but on closer inspection, it’s not what I expected.So, back it goes tomorrow. I’ll have to order online, most likely to get a better quality. Today, I bought a tiny Christmas tree, just to have some fun out of Kassey. It’s not tall enough for her to enjoy knocking it over, but it has bells on it, bought separately.It’s really been ignored by her so far. Goodnight to you all and rest peacefully with God’s blessings,  ARed rose