The big screen TV is great and the PC added was a hoot to begin with. Boy,was I wrong. My messenger friend had to type in big letters to be seen from 9′ away. I had to type big letters to see what I typed. lol  I had to hold my glasses out to zero in on anything or get up close, too close for this screen. I put the TV in the corner of the screen,which was fine. This week,Andy came over and hooked my monitor back up,so I’m not watching TV while on the internet. I downloaded some pictures but they are lost in space. I didn’t use skydrive so I’ll try again.
Kassey sure enjoys the TV and all the hookups and she sure knows how to get my attention. She goes behind the TV and has to cross over all the wires. The only way to get her down is the laser mouse which she loves.
Today,Jeanne(nightdancerjd) and I went to our hometown and we drove through’Sweetwater’,a small busieness district.We saw the old homeplace where we grew up.Actually, I lived there when I met ‘H’in 1997. Jeanne and I drove up the hill in front of the house and saw the Catholic School that I attended through Grade 8.We took pictures and I’ll try to post on skydrive.It’s bedtime,about 2:00AM and Kassey is waiting for her subject. She has her back to me so I guess I better head to the She’s sleeping with me or tries to. The twin bed isn’t quite big enough for both of us, so I’ll deflate this one and inflate the queen size later. ‘Nuff of nothing. Thank you all for your visits and comments.  Blessings And Peace, ARed rose