Talking about Kassey Here Again

Kassey Here Again… ‘She’ has placed a lamp on my new favorite lounging table. spit…hiss pffffft This does not prevent me from walking across to get to the printer.Ha Ha Meow  However, I can’t lick the wires anymore. Well, that’s ok, no big deal…got plenty of windows. Most importantly, is going where I want to go.This makes all of us cats happy.

There’s one place I’d love to go and thats on top of the fridge. But, there’s no place to jump from. I do leave paw prints on the stove and counters,( which she cleans with the disinfectant wipes.) The knobs are removed until she cooks, coz  a few years ago, she had a cat that turned on the oven while she was visiting her TN son. Well, I’d never do that coz I can’t get on top of this stove , not enough room, under the microwave.

 I want to thank all my friends who visited and left comments. This was so sweet and kind. GreatGranny is going to add a pic of the lamp coz, I know some of you expressed concerns about my ‘wire lickin’ and I so appreciate it. Greatgranny has to go to the desktop to post the lamp pic. And I’ll be right there with her….or in my bedroom napping….I’m sleepy and tired from all this typing. Yawning….. kitty smiles…. Bye for now and thanks for visiting. Blessings Always, KasseyCat face


She has posted some new pics of me on my ‘Pouting Perch’. This is where I go when things aren’t going my way. Of course. I know she doesn’t like it. She covered it real well so I can’t step on the switch and turn off her wireless laptop. She gets up from her perch on the couch where she watches TV and talks on the internet on her laptop. Sometimes, it’s enough for me, just getting her off that computer. It’s fun yanking her chain…well, I am in control here. And everyone knows that cats rule.
This evening after my snack, I was sleepy and went back to my favorite perch. She was on her desktop and again she told me to get down. But I gave her this sleepy look and meowed without moving my mouth. Now I can do cute when necessary. She made me get down anyhow. So to make up her happy, I layed down in my recliner until she got offline.
Recently, she caught me licking the wires connected to that wireless thingy with the blue flashing light…so pretty. Maybe this is why she keeps telling me to get down. Now get this….she says I’m gonna be a fried kitty if I keep doing this. What does this mean ‘fried kitty’?…never heard that before. Hey. I lick windows too and she washes the windows with water only…no chemicals for her kitty. I’ve got her right where I want her. I wash the bathroom cabinets, waiting for her to get up in the mornings. When she hears this, she gets right up and heads to the bathroom where I get my morning petting. Oh, I’m such a manipulater.  lol
I still won’t sleep with her coz she’s moves too much. My human disturbs my rest and she still sleeps on that twin inflatable bed…not enough room. Maybe if she gets a bigger new one…we’ll see. I do walk around her, jump down and go to my bedroom.
I am a blessed kitty to have a human who loves and cares for me. And yes, I love her too…she’s my whole world. But I so enjoy manipulating her. She’s a soft touch sometimes and she’s like putty in my paws.  lol
I hope all my friends are doing well and , Miss Catt, I do hope you’re feeling much better.Red rose
Blessings Always, KasseyCat face