Talking about The Odd Couple

  Hi Rambling on, this isn’t a new blog, but I do appreciate you and Shimone visiting and commenting. The queen size inflatable bed finally had to be put away because it leaked so bad.( in a previous blog) Now Kassey graces me with her presence on the twin bed every now and then. The last time, I didn’t know she was there so of course she jumped down, as usual. You know, I didn’t like the profile page, at first. If it were not for it, I would not have seen the comments on this previous blog. Thank yall for coming by,  Kassey and GGARed roseCat face



The Odd Couple

I think I finally figured out why Kassey won’t sleep in my office/ bed-room. She’s a neat freak and I’m a slob. I figured it must be the clutter so I cleared out some and now I’ve got my roommate back, sleeping on her pillow. She found a place on the outside of my twin bed, but I moved and she jumped down. I put a bigger bed in here, still quite close-fitting and I’ll have to move my desk back a little. I sleep on an elevated air mattress, which is very comfy.  I gave my queen size bedroom suite to my son, downsizing a bit and I manage very well.  I don’t like wall to wall furniture or wall to wall anything as in my previous apartment and I’m giving my big sectional sofa to Andy/Family. They are remodeling and will get it at their earliest convenience. This thing  is divided to fit  with everything else in my  living-room and I have a nice couch that I can maneuver myself, using the sliders. I can move this one around when I  re-arrange the furniture, which I’ve always enjoyed.

Now it’s time to start on closets, which I’ve been putting off. Kassey always enjoys this as most cats do. All this makes me want Springtime, but I’m still waiting for that snow way down here.

I wish you all a Blessed 2009.