Kassey Here

 The storm radio made a loud noice and this  ‘human’ said we may have a tornado heading our way, so she cleaned out the closet again, not everything, just enough space for her laptop, her and yours truly. Our weather has been so iffy, she said she’d leave it out for now. After the storm passed we sat on the couch together while she was on her laptop. She didn’t have to ask me twice. It was soooo nice sitting there with her and besides , I was kind of afraid. With the sky making all those loud noices and flashing pretty colors, I wanted to be close to her. The closet was still waiting for us, but we were spared again.
Sunday morning, when she wasn’t looking , I slipped into her bedroom closet.  She checked to see if I was in the closet but I was well hidden and quite. She closed the door ,took her purse and headed for the front door. I wasn’t eating as usual, before leaving me alone. She called me and so she checked the closet and I got out of that dark closet, not wanting to stay there while she was gone. Sometimes she goes shopping after church and I would have been one hot cat with no essentials.
She and my Aunt J are going on a  trip today to her son’s for a wedding. She’ll be dressing in her Sunday clothes again…….open bedroom closet again……Open-mouthedyes, I’m smiling . She’ll be sure this time that I’m not left in it ’cause, I’ll be left alone overnight and probably won’t see her until tomorrow night. I’ll be ok as long as we don’t have any bad storms. You know , God watches over kitties too and He protected us yet again.  Blessings Always To My Friends, KasseyCat face