Quite Thursday So Far….

 Once a month we have the apt. sprayed for bugs and spiders. This means a day of humping it and Kassey questioning what’s happening, human?
 I’m not lazy but truthfully I’d rather be online. Even in the midst of cleaning or moving things around, I know when someone’s signing in. On the 2009 version you can put a sound to different friends names, which is neat.  I do not like the 2009 version, so I now have the 2008 version again.
Kassey sure has been good around the new bouquet ( pic added to photos later, time permitting)I received Saturday. It is more beautiful than the last one. This one has lovely greenery in it, not the fern like stuff…can’t recall what you call it. Anyhow, Kassey’s been wanting out ever since…….wanting some grass I guess. I keep telling her ‘if you’ll let me put your leash on, we’ll go out.’  lol 
This has been a hot day ( 90’s) and I’ve been priviledged to stay indoors except for a trip to the dumpster this AM. I’m online now looking out the window through cat slobber. But, I don’t mind washing up after this little girl. She has so filled a void in this old girl’s life.
I can’t imagine being without AC in this heat, the maintenance man told me that my neighbors on my right side, were without AC and had not reported it. They are both elderly men. Family brings them groceries, but I haven’t seen them lately. I saw through the cat slobber,  Embarrassed the AC man came today. Sometimes these men wave at Kassey and it always makes her happy coz she loves people. We’ve been blessed with a cool place to live.
Enough palaver..When I get off this puter, I’ll clean the cat slobber. And  Jeanne and I are planning to go to Krogers later after it cools. I don’t like being out after dark, but it is cooler.
It’s about time for chicken and veggies, the one-pot thing we love. Maybe Kassey will eat some too. Well I can’t stand looking at the cat slobber any longer, so …..CYL, Lord -WillingRed rose Blessings Always