Nothing Much Going On

It’s hot in Dixie, making going to the dumpster a hot walk. I went earlier today while it was less than 95.
I just don’t tolerate high heat anymore and I feel for those who have to work outside and especially
those who don’t have AC. There are some who aren’t as priviledged as some of us and we should always
 remember where our Blessings come from instead of taking them for granted.
My neighbors did get their AC fixed the same day they told the maintenance man about it. I don’t understand
 why they didn’t report it. If I had known, I would have told management. I really should be more observant,
because in this heat even inside your clothes can’t stay dry.
I’m in my own little world with Kassey and we have family come by occassionally. Except for Kassey asking
 to go out sometimes, we are both quite content. We sit by the window and watch the world go by.  At the present,
 Kassey is napping on her contour pillow in her room. And I’ve got my feet up on my recliner, because I’ve had some
swollen ankles lately. Oh I know I spend way too much time online, but it’s such an outlet for us seniors and I count it
another Blessing.
I’ve met some really nice people online and I remember being so fearful in the beginning. However, there are those who
 don’t really appreciate decency and try to force their way of scummy life on others. I temporarily made my space private
because of pornographic material entered on my profile and my space. A lot of you were victims in this as well and I hope MSN
steps up to the plate and stops this.
On a lighter note………….Missing Deacon
Deacon Roberts was leaving the morning service on Sunday morning. At the door, the pastor reached out and shook
Robert’s hand. "By the way, Deacon, you need to join the army of the Lord."  "I’m already in the army of the Lord, Pastor."
"Then why do I only see you at Christmas and Easter?" Deacon Roberts whispered back, "I’m in the secret service."


It’s clouding up here and I hope we get buckets, coz my car really needs a washing. I haven’t actually seen the forecast…..they don’t know anyhow. I guess I’ll close my car back up. Even with the cardboard thingy in the windshield, it’s like an oven. Oh well, a trip to the mailbox is in order so I’m closing. I hope you all are well and having a blessed weekend.Red rose