Gentle words cause life and health;                                  If you have good eyesight and good hearing,
griping brings discouragement.  Proverbs  15:  4            thank God who gave them to you. Proverbs  20: 12
Gratitude is the heart’s memory.    French Proverb
He who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness
Look backward with gratitude and forward with confidence.
A war movie being shown on French television showed an American GI pointing to the horizon.
 "Yanks !"  he said to another GI, and the caption read,  "Merci !"
Disregard your complaints and discover your gratitude.  Release your trouble and restate your blessings .
He who receives a good turn should never forget it ; he who does one should never remember it.
The worst possible moment for an atheist is when he feels  grateful and has no one to thank.
Be grateful for the doors of opportunity—–and for friends who oil the hinges.
Happiness comes when we stop wailing about the troubles we have, and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have.
There’s one thing for which you should be deeply grateful: Only you and God have all the facts about you.Smile 
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