MARRIAGE…..Vern McLellan 

 1) Marry in haste, and repent in leisure.
 2) Did you hear about the couple who got married at an early urge?
 3) Those  who hope for a happy marriage will do well to remember that in ‘wedding’ the ‘we’ comes before the ‘I’.
 4) I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her
    way. And second, let her have it. ~~ Lyndon B. Johnson
 5) After a few years of marriage a man can  look at a woman without seeing her, and a woman can see right through 
a man without looking at him.                      
 6) Women who henpeck their husbands are apt to find them with other chicks.
 7) A man who gives in when he is wrong is wise. A man who gives in when he is right is married.
 8) Success in marriage is not so much a matter of finding the right person as it is ‘being’ the right person.
 9) Troubles in marriage often start when a man is so busy earning his salt that he forgets his sugar.
10) Even when a marriage is made in heaven, the maintenance work has to be done here on earth.
11) Many a domestic explosion has been touched off by an old flame.
12) Woman to marriage councelor : "That’s my side of the story, now let me tell you this."
13) Marriage occurs when a man gets hooked on his own line.
14) Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear about all the men she could have married,
      and she didn’t hear how well his mother cooked.
15) If you are a child of God and marry a child of the devil, you will be sure to have constant trouble with
       your father-in-law.Red rose
    Drink from your own well, my son —- be faithful and true to your wife. Be happy, yes, rejoice in the wife
    of your youth.  ~~ Proverbs 5 :15  , 18
    The man who finds a wife finds a good thing ; she is a blessing to him from the Lord.
     ~~ Proverbs 18 : 22