Monday, I went to the Doctor for my usual checkup. My BP was too high, cholesterol too high and I’m low on Vit. D. It’s no wonder with no appetite to speak of.
It’s been quite hot, but I foolishly went to the garbage after my sister and I got home from shopping. I
started walking back, intending to get my mail. Then I had this crazy feeling in my head and staggered
to a nearby pole. I hung onto this pole, afraid to walk back to my apartment. Jeanne’s neighbor called her
neighbor and told her ‘something is wrong with that woman’. She came running and another lady who came
to the dump saw me. They stayed with me until my sister came. I’ll never leave my cell phone home again. I called Jeanne and told her I needed help. I asked her to get my car cuz I was afraid to try to walk back home.
I’ve always walked too fast and I realized today coming to the puter room, that I’m not out of the woods today.
However, I did slow it down, but had to stop. I just want to keep in touch when I can. Maybe I’ll have a new
ISP….thinking about T-mobile for our laptops. Any suggestions anyone? 
Blessings Always, GGB