I seem to be bouncing back while I faithfully take my BP, Cholesterol and Vit. D.
I only take the Vit. D once a week. I so appreciate all your concern and  your prayers ,especially .
I’ll try to take better care of myself in the future . We never know what lies ahead and I try to be
prepared for Eternity that awaits us all. I’m a baptized believer, but fall short many times.
    Kassey has been so sweet and attentive, just being by my side on the couch. And last night her
black kitty friend came by for a much needed visit. She was beside herself as usual, muttering her
kitty speak.
   I have Verizon with the USB Modem for my laptop and I’m allowed 5GB for $59.99 + .  I can change
my mind within 30 days…otherwise I’m hooked for 2 yrs. I’ll be sharing with my sister also.
Blessings Always, GGB