I should have explained that I use a Vita-Mix machine, like some juice places(Orange Julius).

I freeze my fruit which is cut….no recipe, just whatever I choose to use. It’s a trial and error thing
as to what flavors go together. I discovered that cantalope is a flavor that is better alone. You
need a liquid which goes in first…you can always add more if needed. 
         You might want to use canned fruit with juice for the liquid, as well. The yogurt that I use 
is Dannon Vanilla. Of course, ice cream or milk is always good to mix in. The fruit ideas are end-
less. I also use grapes with seeds, but I just happened to buy the seedless black ones this last trip.
This good stuff can probably go into an ice cream freezer since it’s already like soft serve ice cream.
Yummy ideas await so if  anyone wants to share, please do.
          It’s a good idea to place your fruit in a ziplock bag in the flat position, not piled on top of each 
          Blessings Always, GGB