Wednesday Rant…Cracked Concrete Fixed Finally

                    So nice today ! It was a cold night for us too. My fur baby was cold
                 too as she looked up at me meowing. It was so cold on the floor, so
                 I turned it up . She curled up on the back of the recliner so she could
                 feel the warmth. And she saw the finishing touches on our fixed walk
                 in front.
                     I do not understand why these hired contractors don’t do it right the
                 first time….yeah ‘mo money’…lol   Monday they pored a grey liquid, may-
                 be a little cement mixed in and with a big thing with a roller, went over
                 it but the crack was still there. Yesterday, here came the big machine
                 with the clawed scoop and dug up the cracked concrete. So, today, the
                 concrete was poured and someone smoothed it out. Well, I guess he didn’t
                 do it right, so another one came along and re-did the smoothing….LOL
                     Nuff said on this subject, except , maybe I just don’t get it.
                  Blessings Always, GGBConfusedRed rose