Very Grateful For Small Snowfall

           For once I’m grateful we didn’t get much snow this time. 

Something very important came up so I had to make a short trip.
It’s so amazing to me how God supplies our needs and sometimes
withholds the things we want, even such a small thing like snow.
We seldom get snow so I was hoping for a good one this time.
If we had, the streets would have been a mess and I wouldn’t
have been available for my son. I sometimes forget how diffi-
cult it can be for those who have to be out in it. Here, we really
aren’t prepared like a lot of states. In neighboring towns, there
were a lot of streets closed because of icing. 

The temps have really been low and my water has been running 
to prevent frozen pipes. The cabinet doors are still open for
the heat to circulate. Kassey has always enjoyed opening the 
cabinet doors and I wonder what she’s thinking…lol  The last
weather report I heard was that the temp tonight would be 
about 9F. Well, maybe so, maybe not. They miss it so much.
This AM it was 12F, so who knows.

Kassey keeps asking for the door to be opened, so I open it
for her. Then she walks away. I guess it’s just cabin fever.
Stay warm or cool wherever you are.

Blessings Always, GGB