She’s At It Again….Spring Cleaning ….Good Bed…..Kassey

                   It’s not Spring yet, but she just can’t wait. She found the good bed she was looking for.

After she used it for awhile and I  saw that it was safe, I slept on it in the wee hours this morning. I woke
from my nap on the back of the couch and I was hungry. I did my usual thing that she dislikes, pawing 
at the blinds. Of course, she said ,"Ok Kassey". So I led her to the kitchen to my bowl she left empty.
She was still sleepy and said she was going back to bed. She was still awake when I got to the bed-
room. She told me to jump up on the bed if I wanted to sleep with her, so I slept there until we got
up about 8:30.
                  The real cold weather has been gone for awhile and it’s been rainy, almost like Spring.
Today, she cleaned out our ‘Tornado’ closet. She thought we may have to use it, but the tornado hit a
neighboring town. I dreaded going into that closet, and I’m sorry others had a bad storm. It’s hard on 
pets too and I hope none were hurt…..Guess I’ll get a nap now.
                   Blessings Always,  Kassey