Still Stumped After Reading

                                                  This is under Product Support

 To view the current software version and check for software updates, the network must be con-
nected to the TV or a broadcast download must be available (for US customers only). Press the 
up/ down arrow key to choose the new version ( if available) and press + to begin the software

The Cable/Antenna cable needs to be connected directly to the TV and have digital TV program-
ming ( not available with the use of a cable box).

The broadcast download is performed while the TV is off.

The software update is performed while the TV is powered on.

Do not turn off the TV during the software update, it may damage the TV software.

           I have no DSL internet nor landline telephone service. I only use an Antenna and the reception
is perfect, just as though I had cable. My internet is the Webconnect stick from T-Mobile.
Maybe if anyone of you have a Sony Bravia , you may know more about this. I’m sorry I couldn’t shed
any light on this.