Out-Foxed By A Naughty Cat……..Kassey

                            She says I’ve been naughty but I want what I want ‘now’. Yesterday morning,

                           I tried to get her up for my breakfast. It didn’t matter that I had food in
                           my dish, she’d had enough sleep. I tried to paw at the blinds, but they were
                           out of my reach. She thought this would stop me, but I jumped on her pillow
                           and walked across , then jumped down where her clock was plugged in. She 
                           saw me grabbing at the wire. Of course, she told me ‘No, Kassey’. I wasn’t
                           really going to catch it in my mouth as I always pretend to do. This always works
                           because, she said, ‘OK, I’m getting up.’
                           I guess my days and nights are backwards. I slept during the day, so I was 
                           not ready for bed when she was. I kept doing my usual manipulations, but she
                          said if I didn’t stop, she’d make me leave the room. Hah, ‘leave the room’! How
                          could she make me leave the room? I guess she was serious. When she got up, I
                          thought she’s do what I wanted……no, she closed the door behind me. I pawed 
                          the door several times, but she made me sleep somewhere else.                         
                          Actually, I think my schedule was changed because she has been getting offline
                          earlier and going to bed. I hear the laptop close, so I get my midnight snack and
                          I’m ready to go to the bedroom and get in bed after I sit by the window for awhile.
                          And to make her happy, I’ve been sleeping on her bed. We’ll see how tonight goes. 
                           Be good kitties and stay out of trouble.

                           Blessings Always, Kassey