Good Mamo Tech

   Recently, I had a long overdue Mamogram, which I so dreaded. I had a

bad experience as some of you know. This young lady was so patient and
considerate. She first introduced herself as the other one should have.

   The room was different and she stayed in the same room as she zapped 
me. And she went through all the steps that she would do as she did them,
even placing the metal ‘thingies’, you ladies know where. In retrospect, I’m
sure she wasn’t going to take any chances. I told her how I appreciated her
and I had to report the last one. I figure she already knew all about it.

   She told me to hold my other breast so it would be out of the way and 
to hold my shoulders back. I hope that because of the few zaps, it didn’t 
mean I was getting a double whammy on my mammies.  lol  We’ve been
hearing about these MRI’s that are using too much radiation. I must say 
that my overall experience was nothing like what it was before. Sharon
is an asset to that hospital and such a blessing to all women she zaps.

Blessings Always, GGB