I’m In The Doghouse…..Kassey


 I’m still in the doghouse, but in this power struggle we have, I still rule, I think.

           For some time now, she makes me sleep in my room, after letting me sleep on her bed.
        She hasn’t felt well lately. One morning I tried to get her up, but she said she was sick
       and couldn’t get up yet.  She had vertigo for the second time. Of course, being the impatient
       boss, I was very upset with her and I grabbed the wire to her newest portable phone. She knew
       I was probably bothering her new toy, but she was too dizzy to get up. I ruined the electric wire
       by biting it in two. She finally got up and made it to the living-room. When she discovered the 
       mangled wire, she showed it to me and said if I did it again, she’d take me back to the shelter.
       Naw, she loves me and would never do that.
       Our new friend and neighbor went to CVS and got her new prescription for vertigo. She also made 
       some potato soup for her and Mom seemed to enjoy it. I’m glad Mom is better and isn’t upset with 
       me now. I’ll try to be good, but it’s hard sometimes when humans don’t respond fast enough. She
       is happy that the wire didn’t seem to hurt me…..no fried kitty , this time. 
       Blessings Always,  Kassey