Mom didn’t see me go into the bedroom closet as I slipped by under her radar.

        It seemed like a long time that I cried for help. She had closed the bedroom door
        so she could sleep with the blinds closed. So she thought my meows and pawing the
        door were coming from outside the bedroom door. I guess she felt sorry for me.When
        she opened the bedroom door and didn’t see me, she called me and ask where I was.
        She discovered then that I was in the bedroom closet. I went to my bedroom for the 
        rest of the night. Maybe Mom will remember to check the closet after it’s been open.
        That closet is a scary place and I hope I remember this. Who am I kidding? I’ts not the
        first time and won’t be the last time. It’s a cat thing and I have to check it out again.
        Blessings Always, Kassey

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