I Got The Last Word In…KASSEY 

    Mom’s TN son and Grandchildren came for a few days during Spring break. The

weather was really nice and they played outside with toys their Dad brought. They
all usually sleep in the living-room, but Mom told TN son he could sleep on her bed
and she would sleep in my room on the couch. She hooked up the TV to cable as he
needs noise to sleep. She told him about the noise machine that plays Rain and other
sounds. Mom loves the Rain sound, but TN son decided to listen to the Birds after 
he turned the TV off. Well, a cat can’t resist that….so I was drawn to the window,
where TN son was , looking for those birds. He made me leave the room and
even walked me to the door, but I turned around and Hissed at him, as I left the
room and joined Mom on our couch.