Divorce From Stinking Telephone/Cable….No Phone This Rainy Weekend

I can use my old cell phone for emergencies and I can go to my friend /neighbor’s.

On April 12, I had no dial tone. Naturally, I called and talked to a person, who
actually asked me ‘Are you calling from your home?’…LOL     Sound familiar?
He said it sounds like your modem is bad and I told him that I ‘will not pay for
a truck roll.’ I was without phone service about 24 hours. The phone guy said
a wire was bad which was in my storage room…not my fault, if this was true.
I believe they disabled my phoneline, thinking they’d get more money.
I got my bill a few days ago and they added a bogus charge from that trip. It was
for wire maintenance, which was already included in my plan. I called and talked
to billing. Of course, she tried to tell me that it was credited after showing the price.
I interrupted her, nicely and showed her my bill was $8.43 higher than last month.
I also told her I was not paying it and I want it removed. 
I was paid up through April 28th when I called them to remove this charge. I then
called again and talked to someone else to see if the bogus charge was removed.
It was, so I explained to her that I thought they disabled my phone to get more
money and I’m disconnectimg my service. I said,’ Call it Divorce.’ I have to wonder 
how many Seniors here are mistreated, because I see their truck here a lot. Call me 
I’m now waiting for the USP guy to return . He left a note on the door. Well that’s
another story…..lol .
Blessings Aways,  GGB