No more C******, but they still want the bogus charge paid….when ‘****’ freezes over.

It’s a nice rainy day here and I’m trying to understand this new cell phone…a real hassle for an old I keep thinking I should send it back.It’s cheaply made too..can’t get good ‘stuff’ anymore.
I got a good deal, better than what I signed up for (2 yrs.) ugh. I told her that I thought I’d keep
the phone after all. She said,’We Southerners have to stick together’….TN girl, and she gave me
the promotional deal, taking $20 off my 2 yr. price. You can imagine how happy and surprised I was.
Of course, my first bill is a doozy..This is Tmobile,and they have never cheated me, so I trust them.
After I got the phone, they blocked text messages from it so I wouldn’t receive request.
I did take a pic of my girl sleeping on her pillow on her couch, but I haven’t tried to
transfer it to the PC. I just know that’ll be loads of fun for this old girl. lol
Blessings Always,GGB