I Was A Good Girl This Time…..KASSEY

           We were pleasantly surprised this week as TN Son and children visited.

Our sleeping arrangement was the same as before. I didn’t really mind him using 
Mom’s bed again. And it was nice having her sleep on my couch with me. 
           Mom asked Son if I bothered him and he said no that I didn’t. Well, he had 
the sound set on ‘rain’, which is a turn-off to cats….a relief to him, I bet.
           Mom had to take Bettye to her eye Doctor, but they weren’t gone a long time.
And the children had cereal and milk instead of Mom’s waffles. While she and Bettye 
were gone, Son cleaned up the kitchen and turned on that noisy thing.
           Andy and Sheila came by for a short visit, but he didn’t play with me. But that’s
ok, coz he and brother were talking ‘cars’. They don’t get to see each other often enough.
           Before TN Son and children left, Mom snapped a photo of Son brushing his daughter’s
hair. Mom couldn’t let that pass without adding to her memories. She’ll post them and pics of me
in the window this morning.

Blessings Always, Kassey