Pictures From Cell Phone And Web To Boot

      A month has passed so I called T-Mobile cuz I could not decipher

the instruction about transferring my photos to my PC. While I was try-
ing to do this on my own, I thought I had accessed the internet, accident-
ly. The girl said I hadn’t….so relieved. She said I couldn’t if my plan did not
include it…..hard to believe. She did say that I could try the internet FREE
for 30 days to see if I like it… !! 30 days without changing my contract.
I said ‘ok’, I’ll try it…..the old girl might learn it….lol
        It’s now Saturday and I can tinker with the Web…this should be a hoot
for this GGB seeing as how I can’t even text. Some of my phone contact names
look like jibberish. Oh well, just so I know who I’m calling…
        Have a blessed Saturday everyone……GGB