Same Ole Thing Here, Sunken Bed………Kassey

June 16

Same Ole Thing Here, Sunken Bed………Kassey

 It’s the same repeated story about our sunken bed.

We thought this one would last longer,but..I tried                                   to jump up on the end of it and never made it.                                           It looked OK, but so deceiving that bed is. I did try 
sleeping with her last night at the foot of the bed.
She wakes up with her feet higher than her head.
I hung in there though, sleeping at an angle. lol
As usual, when she moves, I jump down. Mom keeps
the remote on the bed so she can inflate it even to
get up for a bathroom trip.
With the bed sinking, she can’t reach the blinds cords
so she tied something to the cords so she can raise them 
when I want them raised. OH my!! I have her so well-
trained. Well, even in the wee hours, I have to keep watch
on things.
Blessings Always, Kassey


Blessings Always, Kassey