Gorilla Glue, And Random Thoughts

The Gorilla Glue didn’t work for this ‘poly something’ bed. It’s tough as rubber

so how does it leak? Well anyhow, back to the closet it went. I did find a sticker
that was on top of a small candle that I’ve had for a few years…never liked the
candle anyhow. The bed is still in the closet and this one is going into the closet
as well. I so hate to give up. Oh! The sticker stuck, how about that?

I’m planning to start looking for a twin size real bed that is sturdy, but easy to 
move. Come to think of it, I might get a roll-away bed. It’s been umpteen years 
since  I slept on one. I wonder if they removed the hump in it…LOL Maybe they
are better now. I’ve even thought about a bedroom suite, but I hate a congested
room. If I put a bedroom suite in here, I’d have to move the desktop to the living-
room. I’ve been itching to move that sectional around again anyhow and put the
desktop in there. I’ve gotta roll up up this bed and put it back in the closet….I’ll 
shut up and get busy in the kitchen…maybe..LOL

Stay cool, unstressed and Blessed, GGB