Vanilla Ice Cream, Ugh……..Kassey

A few days ago, when Mom came in from the store, I started my begging.

She knew it was important, and I just knew she had me something special.
I had to wait ’til the groceries were hidden. She also hid some ice cream 
in that big thing. Milk is OK, but I prefer that cold creamy stuff. 
She said, "Kassey, do you want some ice cream?" Duh

OK, here comes the ice cream, yummy. Oh no, it wasn’t my favorite, Butter 
Pecan. It was Vanilla, ugh. I left it after tasting it and it just melted. Now 
this makes two times that she ‘s given me this. She’s gonna have to go back
and get my Butter Pecan. She said she would, may be a few days, but she will.
Until, I’ll just have a little milk, thank you very much, Mom.

Blessings Always,  Kassey