I’m A Happy Camper Now…..Kassey

        I’m finally getting used to our new bed.
        And she turned it around so she can pull
        the blinds cords for me, as usual. She 
        hasn’t made it soft yet, said she was not
        gonna buy one of those pricey pads for 
        it. It is too hard to sleep on , but Mom
        said it felt good last night to her back. 
        She worked hard getting ready for Andy
        and his Sons to come for the sectional. 
        They moved the other sofa in there as 
        planned. I slept with Mom though instead
        on the sofa. You see, she put my pillow on
        her bed, at the foot on the opposite side.
        I was sooo comfy and it didn’t matter if
        she moved. She said she had covers to make
       it soft,but she was just too tired last night
       to mess with it. Oh yeah! Brian brought Jade
       Skye with him and she wanted to pet me as usual.
       Mom told her to be careful, "Kassey might bite you."
       She was cute, but  as everyone knows, we felines
       are sometimes nervous around the little people..
       Mom and Bettye are going out to eat and I heard
       Mom tell someone on the phone, that maybe she’d
       take a photo of her meal, Steak and Lobster. And
       maybe she’ll bring me some.
       Blessings Always, Kassey