‘Chiari’ Son And His Tests

              A few weeks ago, Andy had to be in the Sleep Lad
           again. His DR. said from the results, he  needed
           to have his heart tested.
           Wednesday morning he had a stress test with 
           drugs because he can’t do the treadmill. 
           Awhile later, he had to have an MRI of his heart.

           During the stress test, his heart stopped and as the 
           heart beat, slowing to a stop, they told him to cough.
           He did, while having a hard time breathing at that 
            point. The coughing didn’t help to jolt the heart back
            in to  rythymn.  So they gave him a shot to restart it.

            Andy watched the monitor as it showed his slowing 
            heart beat. And he said the room began to look pink.
            I’m so thankful that God was with him through this
            ordeal. Even though he has a good Physician, we  
            believers know who the Great Physician is  and I rely
            on Him.