Saturday Thoughts, Yesterday’s Blessings And Days Before

          When my Grand-Sons took the sectional out the door,

           it took the  glass door lock off, smooth as silk, just break-
           ing the long screws. Well, we were so relieved that the glass 
           was intact, I especially. Anything broken, would cost me
           $"s  to replace.  The maintenance man had to come yester-
           day to change the AC filter. I just waited to show him the 
           lock instead of telling the manager. Now, this is just a-
           nother example of God’s handywork. He already had it 
           worked out for me. I’ll explain.  Filter man said he had 
           an extra lock in his shop here . He said that someone here
           had a shattered front door and this is where my lock came 
           from. He asked them what happened and they said they 
           heard a ‘pop’ and saw the  shattered glass. With all this 
           heat and the sun directly on that glass door, I can see 
            how this could happen.  Bettye’s front door gets that heat
           and it’s so hot to the touch. When he told  me this, I said,
           "God works in mysterious ways."

           With the worry about Andy, I can see that God is still with
            me and has spared Andy’s life thus far, even such a small
            Blessing in a door lock, I know He still thinks about me
            and is concerned about the little things I need. I don’t
            believe this was a  co-incidence  as some may think. As the 
            heat may have been responsible or even a rock from grass
            mowing that caused my neighbor the loss of a glass door,
            it wouldn’t have cost my neighbor anything, so glad for
            that. HE always knows what’s gonna happen and I guess
            my name was on that door    Yes, HE IS GREAT.

            I’m really thankful for this memory foam pad. Kassey 
            is still on her contour pillow on my bed. She walked on 
             it to get to  her TV and walked back to her pillow. The
             funny part was that after she walked on it, it still felt like
            she was still walking on it, but wasn’t. It was the foam’s 
            ‘memory ‘ at work, just love it, Rambling. I had the most
            restful night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

            We got rain yesterday, so needed and wanted. My flowers
            are looking parched and I may have to just let them get
            indirect sun. My TN son brought them to me for Mother’s 
            Day. They are setting on Kassey’s cube, but she doesn’t
            mind, I’m sure. 
            Blessings Always, GGB…ps. The BEE’ is ’cause my hubby 
             raised bees and if anyone had a swarm, they’d call
            him to get them.