Mom’s Lumpy New Bed….Kassey

      Mom missed me as she didn’t see me on my 
    pillow. She had to look close to find me as
    I was so comfy on her pillow, covered by a
    blanket. She doesn’t want me using her 
    pillow ’cause I lose hair. She tries to brush
    me, but I walk away. Now, I don’t mind walk-
    ing under the brush. It’s a soft, purple
    thing that I don’t mind too much. I will not 
    stand still, so I just walk away and come back.
    You see, I have to be in charge at all times. OK,
    she pulled the blanket back and flashed that
    thing at me again. It’s so hard to have privacy
    here and it’s so bright in here with the shades
    up. OK, I know I’m in charge of the shades, but
    I just speak ‘cat’ and can’t tell her I need dark.
    So, after she found me,she let the shade down.
    I got on with my nap and she did her thing, what-
    ever that was. I’m not telling.
    As Always, Kassey