No More Liver?…pfsst…..Kassey

        I still want Liver, but they won’t give
     me any. I watch for Son to go to the
     kitchen. And I meow so sweet cuz I
     just know he’ll give me some more liver.
     He says, ‘Sorry, Kassey, I don’t have
     any more liver.’ So, I have to eat that dry
     stuff. Mom gave me some Butter Pecan Ice
     Cream. Well, it was better than nothing. Son
     told Mom that Fancy Feast had canned food
     and maybe in Liver Flavor. Son is going to the
     store and I’ll be watching for him as I always
     do. When he gets home, I just know he’ll have
     some liver and I’ll meow sweet again. Right now
     I need a cat nap.
    Kitties, be sweet and cool, Kassey