Pork Chop Night….Kassey

Mom thought I was asleep when Son left for

the store. I heard him come home and I went
to meet him. I still have high hopes of more
liver. Oh well, I had to settle for pork chops 
that Son fried. He’s a good cook and he chop-
ped up small pieces for me and petted me too.
I like for him to pay attention to me. Mom 
snapped that lighted box again. She thinks it’s
cute when I beg, but it’s not fun when I don’t 
get what I want. This morning I got Mom up
and she fed me the dry stuff again….it was OK.
It’s a cloudy lazy morning here so I’ll do what
cats do, get my catnap until lunchtime.
Wishing you kitties a good cool blessed day, Kassey