Nothing Important, Just Stuff

It’s too hot for humans or pets to be outside. It’s the same

old thing 90’s and high index of 105 expected. And of course
the wanted rain is nowhere around here. The last time I went
to buy food, I felt the sun on my scalp, not a good thing. I’ll
wear my cap next time, don’t know why I didn’t that time.
I’ve been catching up on washing linens and blankets, getting
ready for my son and Grands to return in about two weeks,
looking forward.
I used my new Shark Steamer yesterday and I loved it and 
recommend it to anyone. I got the one with the carpet attach-
ment, have not used it yet.
I could not get on spaces earlier and had to blog this on blogspot.
I tried to copy from blogger but could not.
A mundane announcement, lol, I cracked a frozen egg in the frying
pan and with a slice of bologna, made a sandwich. I seldom eat the
stuff but Son left some, not bad. It just isn’t the same as it was way 
back when. This blog was expanded somewhat from blogspot’s
A good day here so far and hope it is for you all.
Blessings Always, GGB.