Andy The Fixer, ‘Puters, Dead Sony, Amy Rose

                 After returning my desktop to factory settings, it has taken days

                 to put everything back in it. I had given up on my Pink Sony Laptop
                 as it gave up the ghost. I dreaded taking it back to Bestbuy, figuring
                 the runaround to keep from replacing it if needed. It seems that my
                 2yr. insurance only covers the hard drive, not being messed up by
                 software. The first Geek called to tell me that the OS system was 
                 corrupted. And he could fix it for $130. I told him that my son
                 probably can fix it. Andy thought maybe Norton messed it up. The
                 Geek that gave me the laptop back, said he could fix it with his
                 Sony recovery disks, for $130. I had more confidence in him than
                 the other. When he said all he needed was recovery disks to make
                 it like new from the factory, I told him that my son probably can.
                 He said I should order some from Sony for about $30. I asked him
                 what would he do. And he said he’d get my son, so I knew this young
                 man was honest. I asked his name and his name was Andrew, my son’s 
                 name. Andy just used his Windows 7 CD that was an upgrade CD from
                 Vista. It brought my Sony back to life. As I gave up on the Sony, I 
                 bought an HP at Walmart. So for 3 days, Andy has been working on
                 all 3 ‘Puters. He put in AOL with McAfee that he says gives him no
                 problems. I tease Andy about having my own Geek and I told him if
                 we had a DR. and and Lawyer in the family, we’d be set. He said he’s
                 the DR. in the family. LOL  When something is happening with his 
                 Grandchildren, their mother brings them to him for help. Amy is 
                 getting into everything, pulling up and trying to walk. It seems she
                 found a ‘gift’ from their kitten, not trained yet, I guess. Well, Amy
                 put it in her mouth, yuck. Here came Mom to Andy, so Andy said, I’ll
                 turn her upside down and you reach in her mouth and pull it out. And
                 then get my mouthwash and dip a cloth in it and clean her mouth inside.
                 I wish I had a picture of this. I guess nobody thought of it…lol 
                 That’s about all, I guess..still looking for rain though. Have a good
                 night or day. Blessings Always, GGB