Hard Headed Me….Kassey

            She had the alarm set for early o’clock, said she was gonna take

            Bettye to the eye DOC again. We both woke before the alarm
            made that pretty sound. I started my usual thing with the cord.
            She sprayed me again with water and told me that she was gonna
            close the bedroom door before she left and I’d have to nap on
            the couch or recliner. After awhile, she got the bright idea to
            just unhook the wire to the TV. She did and laid it on the bed.
            I knew if I hid under the bed, she’d have to let me stay, which 
           is what she did. I did just fine with the TV wire on the bed, no
           fun for me without Mom here to manipulate. When she got home,
           I was curled up on the blanket, and she snapped that thing that
           flashes. She then watched her soap while I napped in the cool 
           bedroom. It got too cool so I got up under the blanket and she’s
           wondering how I got the blanket maneuvered like it was. We cats 
           just know how to work it, don’t we furriends. So now she tells me 
           she has to go to her DOC tomorrow in her hometown and Bettye
           will go with her. They always enjoy eating out too. Now this is 
           getting to be a habit, so I’ll hide under the bed again so I can
           sleep on our bed. I’m always a good girl anyhow when I’m alone, 
           mostly from boredom and nobody to manipulate.
           I’ll close for now, wishing everyone blessings,  Kassey