Kassey and I are back home
                                                   here where they remember how
                                                to perform simple tasks, like doing
                                              a new preferred layout to make a better
                                           looking page. I could not get my GGB space
                                         back to the order it was before, so it is unavail-
                                         able at this time. I am clueless most of the time,
                                         but I try to present a nice page. So many things
                                         I am clueless about is how to have a Sidebar like
                                         others have. I have no idea where to get info for
                                         this and for Feeds. I know the info is out there. I
                                         think I should copy these blogs to blogspot as
                                         I am copying GGB’s space. I’m glad I can at least
                                         do that.
                                         Kassey is quite this morning with nothing to talk
                                         about, but she was very vocal this AM early. She
                                         still tells me when to go to bed and when to get
                                         up. Even when she has food in her dish, she wants
                                         me up, ‘now meow’.
                                         We are enjoying the cooler nights, but the days are
                                         not so cool. I am so looking forward to Fall and all
                                         the Fall colors. We wish you all a sunny day with
                                         God’s Blessings, GGB and KasseySunCat face