Simply AMAZING!!!!!

                    It is truly amazing how my space is
                    magically the way I want it now.  Why
                    now after I planned to go back to my
                    original space. No need to frustrate
                    us when we are just trying very hard
                    to do our best. I do hope they enjoy it,
                    the frustration they inflict . Oh well,
                     enough said… about that.
                     It is a glorious sunny day way down in
                     Dixie and it’s a Pinto Bean Day, a lttle
                     fried cornbread with Vidallia onion on
                     the side. I wonder if my little furry girl
                     will share my bedroom tonight….lol
                     Oh, I did move my toy to the LR with
                     the wires covered as before. I hope
                     Y’all have a nice day with sunshine
                     inside and out.SunCat faceRed rose