Nowhere To Hide Now, So Depressing….Kassey

                I’ve been depressed for a couple of days now as

                ‘she’ does her usual thing moving stuff around. Oh,
                 I know it’s the same old thing. I used to just walk 
                 behind the sofa, but now she has 3 laptop boxes be-
                 hind it. She caught me trying to move one on the end.
                 All I accomplished was pulling the guts out of it. And
                 now I can’t get under the bed cuz ‘she’ hid things
                 under there, says she’s making space elsewhere. We 
                 are expecting inspection. It seems that it’s against
                 the rules to have things on top of the shelf over the
                 hot water heater. My carrier was in there and ‘she’
                 just set it in my closet. Well, I didn’t know what was
                 about to happen. After the ‘filter man’ changed the 
                 filter, she put it back . You kitties can imagine how 
                  relieved I was not being stuffed into that carrier.
                  Now ‘she’ has to unload a big chest so ‘she’ can pull 
                  it away from the wall. I made a mess behind it and
                  ‘she’ can’t reach it. ‘She’ said she’d move it to the
                   back BR and reload it after my mess is cleaned up.
                   So with all this happening, I’ve been depressed and
                   sleeping in the LR. She told me I could sleep on her
                   bed if I wanted to. So I crawled under the covers
                   and finally came out this afternoon to greet Bettye.
                   I’m not upset with Mom, just confused and I’ll be
                   happy when she cleans up my mess. ‘She’s been 
                   busier than a cat covering , well, you humans know
                   what….maybe I’ll sleep with her tonight. 
                   Blessings Always, Kassey