We’re Staying So Far, etc

                                          We’re staying here even though it’s so messed up.

                             However, our new home is Blogspot, which we
                             really like. I keep trying to remove Seattle, WA
                             from my weather, what’s the deal anyhow. How
                             hard can it be for these smart people who know
                             how to do this stuff. I mean it’s not like I’m put-
                             ting my city up there, just a neighboring town. 
                             And what’s with the foreign languages? My lang-
                             uage is the only one that matters, for goodness 
                             sakes. I will not accept anyone to my network
                             if they don’t speak English. Of course, it seems
                             that the only ones who want to be my friend now
                             are objectionable and are wasting their time. ‘Nuff
                             there.Well I guess this turned out to be a rant, didn’t
                             mean to. My sweet girl Kassey, will be catching y’all
                             up on things around here. She’s not too happy these 
                             days and she’ll explain later.
                             Blessings Always, GGB and Kassey