Nothing Much Going On

                        Sunshine everywhere 73 now , 90’s later. We see a few 

                        passersby looking for yard sales here, not many that I 
                        can tell. Kassey couldn’t care less either as she snoozes
                        by her TV on the recliner. I’ve been working on the kitchen
                        moving stuff around and she’s missing out on it. She even let
                        me sleep in this morning, didn’t bother me during the night. So
                        all must have been quite here or she would have walked across
                        the bed to get to her other TV. 
                        I’ll move the boxes from the couch so my girl can run, play and
                        hide from thunder and lightening and I’ll make a place under the
                        bed for her as well. I’m only keeping the laptop boxes for mailing
                        anyhow, if needed. As my Saturday goes on, I’ve still work to do.
                        So guess I better get at it. Y’all have a Blessed Saturday and 
                        PS. As I worked on my space, I made it private and forgot to 
                              change it back….sorry for the senior moment. It is copied
                              to blogspot as well. For those who are  thinking about open-
                              ing a blog there, I’ll just say that I really like it. It’s so 
                              ‘blogger friendly’. However, I haven’t learned how put photos
                               there yet. 
                               It’s about bedtime now so everyone have a good night/day
                                wherever you are……Blessings Always