Finally Got’er Done

It has been awhile trying to copy my blogs
from spaces that I wanted to keep. I finally
got’er done and now I can relax. I don’t know
if I’ll do WordPress or not, even though I did
get a blog page there. It is quite alien to me
right now. I picked a theme for my blog…duh
I still don’t actually have a blog page as it looks
more like something on yahoo, not shocked at
all. Maybe I’ll figure it out, not sure. Spaces can
now close mine if they want, couldn’t care less.
My WordPress address is:
My blog page is….. Greatgranny2008’s blog
If I can’t figure it all out, I’ll just delete it.
I hope it’ll shape up to my liking, we’ll see.
I hope everyone’s having sunshine, cool day,
loving it. Kassey is in her sunshine room waiting.
Be blessed rain or shine.