Understanding A Little More 

I’ve fumbled through here and found my blog page. It takes me awhile because I’m computer challenged.

I like the color theme, one of my favorite colors. Now, I don’t have anything worth talking about just yet,

but it will come in time after I am acclimated. I’m not a big talker by nature.

The weather is always a good subject as  Fall gets into colorful swing. I missed some Canon moments Tuesday

as we went to a neighboring town which is at the foot of  the mountains. The colors weren’t vibrant yet, but

scenic anyhow. We have enjoyed nice cool temps here in Dixie which gives me more energy. We will get our

first frost the guesser said, my kind of weather. The Summer was so miserable, I’ll welcome the cold and try not


I hope I can put photos on here, sure gonna try. My cat’s photos  will appear here as well as her blogs too most

likely, we’ll see.