Nothing Important 

It’s another sunny cool day, 50’s, 78, expected.

Yesterday we had T-storms and I’m so glad it

quit before DWTS came on . I did not want to

miss that one and I’m so happy that Bristol has

another chance.

Kassey was happy to watch some birds before

her nap. She was a bit whiney as children some-

times are when it’s nap time. So she finally nestled

in on her ┬árecliner. Of course I’ve been nestled in

on this thing since I got up. I’ve not posted lately

so I thought I better check in. I did finally get

Amy’s video posted on YouTube and the update

is on my profile page.  I visited with my new

neighbor yesterday and she said she used to blog

and she hasn’t found her computers yet. She’s got

her work cut out for her with all the unpacking.

Enough of nothing important, so y’all have a

blessed day/night.